Breakfast Cereal Challenge

I love the NCAA Basketball tournament as much as the next guy, but lately I’ve realized something… It’s just not for everyone. Sure, everyone has their reasons for not filling out brackets: they don’t know the teams, don’t care about basketball/sports, or they actually have real lives to live. Here’s the deal though; I think that everyone has some competitiveness in them somewhere. So, I have decided that for the next couple weeks I’m going to try and find it!

I am proposing that we (me and anyone who happens across this blog) conduct a “Breakfast Cereal Challenge.” It will work just like the NCAA Tournament, we will pit YOUR favorite breakfast cereals against one another to determine the best of the best! My family actually did this at our Christmas party a few years ago and it was a lot of fun.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Please submit to me via email or the comments section YOUR 3 favorite breakfast cereals. (doesn’t matter if they’re healthy or sweet; just YOUR top 3 cereals)
  2. The selection committee (me) will break the submitted cereals into 4 divisions containing 8 cereals each. Obviously the goal is to get 32 entries. The 4 divisions are: General Mills, Kelloggs, Post, & Quaker (We don’t need even amounts from each maker)
  3. Once seeded, you, your friends & family will vote in individual match ups to determine the winner (ex: Lucky Charms vs. Frosted Flakes) the winner will advance & the loser goes back in the cupboard.
  4. We will vote it down all the way to the final four (just like the real tournament). Then take it all the way to the championship match.
  5. We will vote to determine the 2009 Silver Spoon Award Winner! The person who submits the winning cereal name first, will receive a box of that cereal from me!

This will only work if we get good participation, so help me out. Don’t be shy, or just lurk! Let your voice be heard and email or comment with your 3 favorite cereals. This will be lots of fun once we get it rolling! Who knows, if we get enough participation we might come up with 64 cereals just like the number of teams in the NCAA tourney.

My goal is to have the brackets up by Wednesday night, so don’t waste anytime and email or comment now. Oh and one more thing… may the best cereal win!

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