She’s doing it Daddy!

Our daughter Hailey will be one year old on Monday. She shares her birthday with my favorite (and only) sister Erica. For the past couple weeks Hailey has been learning how to walk and her older sister Andrea has been a great supporter. Andrea loves to encourage and cheer Hailey on. Whenever Hailey puts several steps together and makes forward progress Andrea will shout out, “She’s doing it! Mommy, Daddy look at Hailey!” These are some fun and exciting days at the Jones house.

At church this Sunday we are launching our new three service format. I have been attending Fairwood since 1991, on staff for six years, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s happening. I feel a sense of pride knowing that we are taking steps to reach more people in Fairwood and the surrounding area for Christ.

I realize that God will build His church and that He is the one who saves people and changes lives. I’m just so thrilled that I get to be on the work crew. After making calls to add some greeters for our 3 Sunday services I realized that I’m not the only person who feels this way. Volunteers are chomping at the bit to be involved. Gone are the days of begging people to be on board or to help serve in a given area. Truth be told, I think the new day is going to be making sure that there is enough work for all those who want to serve.

I’m so proud of Fairwood, so happy to be a part of it all. I honestly feel like shouting to God and saying, “Look! Hey, over here… see, we’re doing it!”

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