The Green Room

This past Friday night our church hosted the worship band Planetshakers, from Melbourne, Australia. The church was buzzing with anticipation as we waited for the worship service to begin. At about 6:40, a friend of mine walked into the church and asked where another member of our staff was, so I walked them to the, “Green Room.” The room where the band and some of our church staff were waiting for the service to begin.

I got the two connected and just as I was about to head back out one of the Planetshakers musicians called those assembled in the Green Room to order. He said it’s about 15 minutes until we start, so let’s pray. I have been in enough church situations to understand how prayer time works. A few people lead out for the service, the technical cues, then someone wraps up and you’re done. However, this pre-service prayer time was much different.

Before they even started to pray, the Pastor from Planetshakers mentioned his gratitude for the way they had been treated by Fairwood and how he can always tell a good church by how they care for and honor their guests. He went on to emphasize that this was no concert or show; he described how they wanted to serve our church however they could. Then the prayers started. Not one prayer was a self-centered prayer (Lord help us play/perform well), every prayer was for God to do His work. They prayed for our church and us before they went out to lead worship.

I was completely moved by the true humility and sincerity that this group showed in those few moments before they went on stage. As the night unfolded, it was evident that their prayers were more than lip service. They led worship and people responded, it was a great night. God honored the prayers that were offered up in the Green Room. Many young people raised their hands to accept Christ and/or rededicate their lives to him and God was the real star of the show.

Needless to say, my experience in the Green Room was unexpected. Sometimes we think that a group as talented and popular as Planetshakers is goes around the world to put on shows, gain popularity, and make some extra money. That was not the case here. I’m so happy I had the chance to rub elbows with a group of people that travel the world with the purpose of ministering and serving wherever they go.

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