Hope Springs Eternal

It’s my favorite time of the year. The opening of the baseball season and Master’s week. It’s so fun because everyone’s slate is wiped clean. Everyone’s record is 0-0 and anything can happen. Optimism is high, and hope really does spring eternal. Hope and Baseball both arrive in the Spring!

The worship team at the church and I sat down and put our AL West predictions on paper. We also picked the World Series match up with a winner. Below is what the sports geniuses and I think will happen this year:

Chris: 1. A’s 2. Mariners 3. Angels 4. Rangers WS: Dodgers over White Sox

Adam: 1. Mariners 2. A’s 3. Angels 4. Rangers WS: Rays over Dodgers

Jesse: 1. Angels 2. A’s 3. Rangers 4. Mariners WS: Yankees over Dodgers

Cameron: 1. Angels 2. A’s 3. Mariners 4. Rangers WS: Orioles over Cubs

Shaun: 1. Angels 2. A’s 3. Mariners 4. Rangers WS: Yankees over Phillies

Andy: 1. Angels 2. Mariners 3. Rangers 4. A’s WS: Cubs over Yankees

What do you think? Add your predictions to the comments section below.

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