We’ve Only Just Begun

Looking back at the Easter weekend that was just makes me smile. What a wonderful couple of days we had. The weather was rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop God from doing great things at Fairwood and in many other churches in the area as well.

As a church we had been fasting and praying for breakthrough in our lives and in the lives of our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Not only did we pray and believe, but we served and invited people to come to church on Easter Sunday with us.

The crazy part is people came and God provided breakthrough! The breakthrough showed up in many different ways. First, we had an all-time attendance record on Sunday morning of 1,009 people. Amazingly it really didn’t even feel that crowded, I think that could be the new normal for us.

Second, many people raised their hands to experience freedom in Christ. Pastor Brian shared his freedom story with the church. He talked about how his life was bound with drug and alcohol use and when God showed up he found freedom, love, and forgiveness. He talked about how God came to bring freedom to everyone and how all of our freedom stories are directly linked to Jesus’ story.

The third breakthrough was a little less tangible, but still very powerful. Our church is beginning to see what we’re capable of when we’re united with a common purpose. We no longer see ourselves as a group of people who feel the same way about God. We’re not content being just a building that houses Christians every Sunday. Instead we are beginning to see ourselves as a movement of people dedicated to changing, transforming, and shaping the community that we’re a part of. We are realizing that God has entrusted us with the incredible news that freedom is found through His only Son and it’s our responsibility to share it with others.

The best part of the weekend is that this is just the beginning. On Wednesday our youth (Jr. High, High School, & College students) will get their turn to make a difference. We’re hosting a school spirit invite night. We want to share the good news of Jesus with as many students as possible. We are not just a youth group. We are a ministry of students committed to changing our schools, community, and world for Christ.

I am proposing that the hit song by the Carpenters become our theme song. Do you remember it? It was recorded in 1970. I am too young, but I’m pretty sure it was played at my parents wedding. It’s called, “We’ve Only Just Begun.”


How appropriate. Our church has only just begun! While we are celebrating what God did this Easter and what He’s going to do this Wednesday I believe God is trying to remind us that this just the beginning of what he’ll do through us.

As we are faithful, and continue to trust in His leading God will lead us on to better days than we experienced this weekend. Why? So that Pastor Brian and the leadership team can gain fame. Hardly. We exist to bring Him glory. God uses people to build HIS church. We are simply on the construction crew. We’ve just started on the foundation and there is plenty of room for more on the crew. Are you interested in joining? I hear God’s always hiring.

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