First Time for Everything

As the saying goes, “There’s a first time everything.” That will certainly be the case tomorrow night at Live (our youth service). For the first time in her life, my wife Stacey is going to be helping me deliver the message to our students.

At Live we’re in the middle of our annual sex, love, and dating series. For the first couple weeks of the series we invited two other couples from our church to come and speak to the students. They shared honestly about their relationships and experiences in these areas and the students have really enjoyed it. It’s safe to say that this series has featured some blunt and open talk about sex and dating that is not often heard in church. Tomorrow night, the students will get to hear from Stacey as she talks about love.

Despite the fact that she is really good up front Stacey doesn’t like or have a major need to be behind the microphone. I can’t think of a time in six years of full-time youth ministry when she has asked for “platform time.” Amazing, I know.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night at Live. For the first time in my life, tomorrow night I’ll get be the “eye-candy” next to the great speaker. We’d love to see you at Live, we start at 7 pm.

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