Swaziland Log Book #8

*DJ Hagebusch took this picture at the community soccer tournament.

Days 10 & 11 (Saturday & Sunday)

The big community soccer tournament on Saturday was a lot of fun. The Motjane Hope House Church sponsored the event and fed hundreds of people just before the championship match was to be played. I had the opportunity to share the gospel with the crowd that had gathered to watch the soccer tournament. I was a little bit distracted because as I was sharing the kids were playing a match and parents were watching and cheering their future soccer stars on. The whole scene was somewhat chaotic.

At the conclusion of a relatively exciting championship match (if there is such in soccer) Pastor Louis of Hope House Church asked Shawn Seeley to share his testimony. Unlike before when I had shared, all who gathered gave their full attention to Shawn. His story is powerful and has a tendency to draw people in. Shawn shared his story several times on this trip and each time he got better and better with the translator. This time was no different, he absolutely nailed it and the people clapped at the conclusion. He encouraged the people to put there hope in the God who saved him from a terrible situation and I believe many did.

Again, I am struck with the power of the story. Jesus used stories virtually every time He spoke with people. He didn’t give complicated theological truths; rather He found common ground with the people and told them stories. We heard feedback from the missionaries here that the Swazi people are surprised when Americans tell stories of heartache and trouble. Our team was able to do this many different times while we were here and the people really seemed to connect with us.

Sunday was a fun day. We attended service at International Church located on campus with the Swaziland College of Theology, the home base for A/G missionaries here. Pastor Brian shared a message familiar to most Fairwood people, “No to Status Quo.” The message was adapted to the people here in Swaziland and was very well received. I love watching communicators work a room; Pastor Brian did a great job of that today. He started slowly and as the audience was connecting more he continued to call the people to, “Say no to status quo!”

After church, we had lunch at the nicest restaurant in Swaziland. The steak I had was great and it reminded me of home.

We’re getting to the point where it’s time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished on our trip. We have indeed been used to do great things for God and the people here. I love that God brings intercontinental people together to accomplish His purposes. I am honored He chose to include me in this trip. Tomorrow we’re off to the safari, should be a great day!

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