LIVE: The Adventure

The other day I did something that I hadn’t done in awhile… I read my previous blog post. I realized two things right away:

1. I agree whole-heartily with myself, when our team works in unity, nothing will be impossible for us. God has good days planned for us and I am thrilled with what the future holds for Live and Fairwood Church.

2. I NEED someone to proofread every single post before I allow them to enter cyber space. I was so embarrassed at how many grammatical mistakes that post had. I feel like I may need to take some writing classes again soon.

Despite my second realization, our youth ministry and church are entering a new season of ministry. We have real-life goals that we are chasing. The only way to achieve the results we desire is to work together in the grace and unity that God has provided us. We desire to see the church and youth ministry grow for a very simple reason. Lost people matter to God, therefore, lost people matter to us.

Within a three-mile radius of Fairwood Church it is estimated that there are 240,000 people who do not have a saving knowledge, let alone relationship with Jesus Christ. Our church has been uniquely placed where it is (along with others) to change those numbers. The new adventure we are on is one that may seem daunting and intimidating, but I accept the challenge and am ready to see our area changed for Jesus.

This all leads me to the point of this post. Last night at Live, our youth & young adults service I did something that inspired me and freaked me out. I publically declared an attendance goal that I believe God has spoken to me for our “Invite Night” coming up on March 17th. Our previous attendance record for any event that our youth ministry has hosted is 156 people. That was for an end of the school year BBQ a little over a year ago.

So last night as I concluded my message that kicked off our “LIVE: The Adventure” series I felt myself getting nervous as I prepared to make my bold declaration to youth and leaders alike. I went back and forth in my head wondering if I should really make such a bold statement. “What if we fail miserably?” I thought. “What if I set the bar too high?”

Would our students be inspired or feel hopeless by this huge goal? “What if the leaders tell me this is just too unrealistic?” I continued to battle my own conscience. Finally I blurted it out…

“Our all time attendance record for one service is 156; for the March 17th Invite Night I’m believing for 300,” I said confidently.


More silence.

Then after what seemed like an eternity a single, “Amen.”

I went on to explain that I believe we are capable and that God has called us to reach our area with the good news of Jesus Christ. Even as I sit here replaying that moment in my mind I still get goose bumps. Can we really do this? Is this too big a goal? Am I asking too much?

I suppose time will tell, however I am certain of this. It’s great to know that we have our eyes focused on reaching others. The adventure I’m leading others on is one that I am excited to be on myself. Jesus gave us this mission before He ascended to Heaven and “Invite Nights” are our way of trying to accomplish that mission.

It’s going to be a wild ride, are you willing to join us for the adventure?

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