Ready for Showing?

My wife and I have had our house on the market for a few weeks now and nothing gets us more excited than when an agent calls us and asks us that magical question.

Ever tried to sell a home? (no that’s not it, keep reading below)

The question that thrills us is when they ask, “I have some clients that would like to see your home, are you ready for a showing between three and four today?”

For the past several weeks our home has been kept at a constant level of cleanliness and order. Everything is arranged to show off our home’s unique features and even cover up some of its inadequacies.

Every morning when we leave for work my wife and I stage our house in such a way that if we get a call while we’re out we can tell the agent to show it, it’s ready to go.

As Easter Sunday approaches many churches are getting ready to do something very similar. As you’re reading this post pastors, leaders, and volunteers are prepping messages, planning activities, and preparing church grounds for the biggest weekend of the year.

It’s a lot of fun knowing you’re going to have a showing at your house especially when you’re hoping the buyer will fall in love with it and buy your property.

It’s even more thrilling getting prepared for a big weekend at church knowing that people will be stopping by because they were invited by a friend, family member, or co-worker. It’s so much fun having confidence that they will experience Jesus. Nothing compares with hoping and believing for them to start a lasting relationship with Him.

We should place a high level of importance on everyday that God gives us on earth. Truth be told, every single day is a day we must be ready for a showing.

Let’s make sure we’re ready to show his grace, care, concern, help, forgiveness, faith, and love everyday, not just on Easter.

Are you ready for a showing?

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