Barrier Breakers – Trust

Trust is an active word.

It has to be. If trust is not active it really isn’t trust. Trust without action is not trust at all.

Trust is…

Belief in.

Hope for.

Expectation of.

Dependence on.

Confidence in.

Reliance upon.

Truth is, we’ve all been let down or disappointed by people. Some of have it worse and have been harmed or abused by people.

This of course leads to trust issues. Trusting becomes a barrier in our lives.

Trust was a big barrier for the people of Israel when it came time for them to crossover and take the land God had promised them.

After the 12 scouts came back from their mission the whole group had a choice to make.

Would they trust the frightening report of the 10 scouts and shrink back from God’s plan?

Or, would they take God at His word? Would they trust what Joshua and Caleb were saying?

We know from scripture that the people failed the test and believed the wrong report. This set them back 40 years and caused an entire generation to miss out on God’s promise and blessing.

Did you catch what really happened there? The people trusted themselves, not God. They trusted their own reasoning. Their own wisdom. Their own perspective.

Most of us read that and think, “What the heck is wrong with those idiots?! God had come through for them so many times before. Why didn’t they just trust God?”

It seems simple and yet I know I’ve fallen victim to exact same mistake. God has shown himself to be forever faithful and for some strange reason I put my trust in something or someone other than Him.

Trust is essential in our relationship with God. Trust is really all that he’s asking you to do. In fact, the Bible tells us that without it, it’s impossible to please Him.

Ask yourself…

Do I trust Jesus with…

My dreams.

My hopes.

My finances.

My family.

My spouse.

My children.

Do I trust in His…


Finished work at the cross.


Plans for me.

Summing it all up for this post:

Do I trust Jesus with my everything?

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