reNEW: Your Purpose

“I am God’s masterpiece, He’s made me new so I can do what He’s called me to do.”

That’s my paraphrase of one of my favorite verses in scripture. Here’s the verse, Ephesians 2.10, in the New Living Translation:

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Being reNEWed or made new by Christ allows us to have a new purpose for our lives.

Jesus has reconciled us with our dad in Heaven; now our purpose is to help reconcile others.

Unfortunately we often forget our God given purpose.

We substitute that very simple purpose for what we really think humanity needs.

Anger. They must know that God is not happy with them.

Judgment. What unbelievers are doing is wrong.

Punishment. They must pay for what they’ve done.

Living out your faith this way is so Old Testament.

God took out his anger, judgment, and punishment on Jesus at the cross. Jesus was the once and for all sacrifice that allows us permanent right standing with God.

What’s better? He’s not dead anymore. He rose again. He’s alive and praying for us.

That’s Grace. That’s the good news.

Our new purpose is to connect people to the God of Grace. To the one who loves them in their current condition, no strings attached.


Our human tendency is to forget and drift.

Luke chapter five tells about how many of the disciples were called out of a blue-collar life of fishing to become followers of Jesus.

He made them “fishers of men.”

In John 21, after Jesus had risen, where did He find His friends?

Yup, fishing.

They went straight back to their old purpose. They forgot, they went back to what they knew. Their old life. Adrift at sea.

He reminded them of their new purpose and wants to do the same for us.

Allow God to reNEW your purpose today. Take on the new ministry of reconciliation.

“You are His masterpiece, He’s made you new so you can do what He’s called you to do.”

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