Let Me Ask You a Question…

Over the last few years in youth ministry I’ve made an intentional effort to grow and develop as a leader. I dread the thought that I would stop learning or settle into a, “this is the only way we do ministry,” mindset.

Just the other day I had another opportunity to grow and it came at a moment I wasn’t really expecting.

Our annual summer camp, Lift 2011 is only a few weeks away. One of our camp speakers sent me an email with a few questions that would help them get to know our group better.

Having to sit down and thoughtfully answer these questions was a great way to get a read on what is happening with our youth ministry. It helped me know specifically where growth needs to happen and where we can focus our efforts.

Below is a look at a few of the questions and my responses:

Q: What is the normal type of home life for most of them? (ie single parent, middle class, etc)

A: Middle Class, more than 50% come from a broken (non-nuclear family). The upper-middle class kids try to blend to middle class. The lower-class kids have families that spend their way (on credit) and try to appear middle class. Image is everything in our community – look right, act right, sound right and somehow you’ll “feel right.”

Q: What would you say is the one thing you want your students to get out of this year’s camp?

A: Our summer series at the church (Whole Notha Level), the summer interns (The Uprising), and the name of our camp (Lift) are all about taking students to a higher place in their relationship with God. I want students to walk away with a bigger sense of what’s possible with God. Not only for their lives, but in their church, their schools, and our community.

Q: What is the greatest struggle or obstacle you are trying to overcome with your students? (ie religion, lack of passion, evangelism, etc)

A: Our students are groomed and trained from an early age to strive for comfort. As I mentioned above students learn quickly about image – I want them to know that they’re in this together and nobody’s perfect; hiding sin and issues only makes it worse. I want them to be challenged to go beyond what’s comfortable. I want all limitations to be broken off, I want the blinders from their eyes to be removed.

Answering these questions forced me to thoughtfully consider the current state of our youth ministry. In order to get where I want us to be I need to know where we are.

It’s really difficult to get to a destination if you’re not aware of your current location.

So, let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you took a moment to stop, reflect, and answer some questions about the area(s) of your life you are wanting to grow in?

I think it’s worth the time. Give it a shot.

Wanting to get fit? Grow your business? Kick a bad habit? Find that special someone?

Why not evaluate your current situation before running out and making quick changes?

After you answer some questions try asking God one…

Will you lead the way?

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