Remember that song the Naked Eyes made famous in 1983?Come on… you’ve heard it before.It’s a guy singing about how everywhere he turns he’s reminded of his old girlfriend.Maybe these lyrics will refresh your memory:I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me, and every step I take reminds me of just how we used to be. Well, how can I forget you, girl? When there is always something there to remind me.In fact, that line, “Always something there to remind me,” is sung and repeated throughout this 80’s classic… 20 times to be exact.I’m a fairly forgetful person.When I go to the store I always ask my wife to text me the shopping list, even if it’s only a few items.Something about those never ending aisles and fantastic end cap displays distracts me.I can’t tell you how many times I come home from a trip to the grocery store thinking I’ve conquered the list only to be reminded I forgot an item or two.People use lots of different things to remind themselves of important stuff.Day timers.Cell phone alarms.Administrative assistant(s).A parent.Text messages from your spouse.What do you use?______God is constantly reminding humanity of important truths as well.One of the greatest truths God is reminding his children of today is how we are loved, welcomed, and accepted by Him.He loves to remind us that we are in right standing with Him, not because of our hard work and religious fervor. We are in right standing with God because of what Jesus did at the cross.We couldn’t put ourselves in a position to be accepted by God. We simply don’t measure up (and never will) to His standard.But thank God His Son does and did it for us!God wants to remind you today… That you are loved and acceptable. You are forgiven and empowered to make a difference today.Here’s what Jesus says about what the Holy Spirit’s role is in our lives:When the Helper comes, He will show (remind) the world about being right with God.How will He show (remind us)?He will show (remind) the world about being right with God, because I go to My Father and you will see Me no more.When you’re feeling lame. Disconnected. Dejected. Unloved. Unwanted.Remember.YOU have right standing with God today because of what Jesus did at the cross.And…He reminds us daily through his Holy Spirit.

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