Romans 13

Romans 13

S-cripture – v. 8 – Owe nothing to anyone – except your obligation to love one another.

O-bservation – Interesting Paul uses the word obligation here. He writes so much about Grace being greater than the law that it makes me double take when I read that word.

It’s clear that there is NO wiggle room here. We are to love others all the time, not just when we feel like it.

A-pplication – Love is who God is at His core, therefore, love for others needs to be my core.

Cynicism, judgement, anger, jealousy, and arrogance is not what I owe others. Even when I feel like people deserve it, my response must be one of love.

Before Jesus went to the cross He offered a new commandment to his disciples… Love everyone (John 13.34).

He continued and said that world will be able to identify us (His followers) by our love.

Love is essential to my faith. It’s the starting point. If I claim to love God and continue to be critical of or judge someone else scripture says I’m a liar (1 John 4.20).

P-rayer – Thanks for loving me as I am.

Help me love others purely, as they are.

Increase my compassion and love for those I struggle with.

Help me to be known as a person who loves people.


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