Romans 15

Scripture –vs. 18 – I dare not boast about anything except what Christ has done through me.

Observations –The only thing worth boasting about in life is what God has done in and through my life.

Anytime I’m tempted to give myself credit for something great I’ve done, I need to remember His faithfulness and goodness to me.

God wants to bless my life in hopes that I may pass on the blessing.

It’s not about me.

Application – God is interested in blessing me, yes… perhaps He’s more interested in blessing others through my life.

My natural talents and abilities are a gift from God. Using them to build His kingdom and bless others is good stewardship of those gifts.

Prayer – Thank you that you’re working through me.

God help me be proud of your goodness and grace in my life.

Help me remember the source of everyone of the blessings I receive.

Help me be a good steward of the gifts you’ve given me.


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