Dreamers Not Drifters

For the most part I’m a “go with the flow” kinda guy. You know, easy going, relaxed, fun to be around, spontaneous.

Other more scheduled people (like my wife) would call me disorganized. They’d say I tend to fly by the seat of my pants.

Both descriptions of my personality are accurate. I suppose it’s all in how you look at it.

As much as I love my spontaneous, go with the flow persona it does have a down side.

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself because I realize how little I’ve actually accomplished in a day.

Was I being lazy? Avoiding hard tasks? Was I opposed to rolling up my sleeves?


I was distracted. Often I’m distracted with the immediate and lose sight of the long range plans.

I call them front burner issues, because when I’m dealing with one everything else goes to the back burner.

I’m thankful that Jesus was a long range thinker. He didn’t fly by the seat of His pants. He was intentional with every interaction. Everything He did on this earth had a purpose and reason behind it.

When He is tempted in Luke chapter four we see a clear example of Jesus saying no to the immediate and yes to accomplishing His God given task (reuniting God and man).

He completed that task by ultimately laying down His life so that we could have right standing with our creator.

This was His purpose. His God given calling. He had many opportunities to wander from the path, but thankfully He accomplished what God intended Him to.

Jesus was a Dreamer not a Drifter.


-Are obsessive about seeing their dreams becoming reality

-Take time to dream (imagine a better future)

-See a different future/outcome than others

-Won’t accept “no” or “you can’t” as an answer

-Believe anything is possible (including their dreams)


-Are easily distracted

-Get bogged down with immediacy and minutia

-Move from idea to idea (whatever is most exciting)

-Quit the moment things get difficult

-Lack core convictions that keep them centered

In what areas of you life have you been drifting?

What are some areas of your life that need a fresh dream?

Come on, it’s alright… dream a little.

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