Hit the Showers!

Water on. (1 second)

Towel hung up. (4 seconds)

Birthday suit on & hop in. (10 seconds)

Hair and whole body rinse. (30 seconds)

Shampoo hair. (25 seconds)

With extra lather from shampoo, clean shoulders and arms. (30 seconds)

Rinse out shampoo and excess suds. (10 seconds)

Condition hair. (25 seconds)

Dove body wash whole body while conditioner does it’s magic (grows back my hair). (1 minute)

Turn up water temperature and soak. (*1 minute)

Full body rinse. (30 seconds)

Conditioner rinse. (25 seconds)

Water off. (1 second)

Towel dry. (1 minute)

Shower Routine Complete. (Total time *6:01)

*Total shower routine time is subject to additional soak time, depending on depth of grogginess. (additional 30 seconds to 3 minutes may be required)


So there you have it. I’ve been getting lots of emails about my morning shower routine and I finally decided to write about it. Haha.

Routines are important. They’re helpful. We need routine in our lives. They’re good.

On the flipside, routines left for too long can box us in. They can keep creativity bottled up.

Poet Henry Van Dyke wrote, As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.”

Just for the record though, if any of you reading this are not in the routine of showering, brushing your teeth or any other personal hygiene practice, please do us a favor and start one!

We are a product of our routines. Who we are as individuals flows out of what we do repeatedly.

People who are in the routine of brushing and flossing daily have good-looking teeth.

People who don’t, insert punch line here _____. (Have death breath, are single for life, etc).

People who routinely read box scores and the sports section have more knowledge of sports than those who routinely read the business section.

Your routines reveal a lot about you.

What are your routines saying about you?

Which routines are healthy ones? Keep ’em going.

Which routines aren’t working and moving you forward? Change ’em up.

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