Easter by the Numbers

I’m not normally a numbers guy, but with the help of Pastor DJ (a self proclaimed Numbers Nerd) here are some of the numbers we’re celebrating following a record-breaking Easter Sunday at NWLife Church:

210,600 calories worth of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

30,000+ of individually wrapped pieces of candy

10,000+ Easter Eggs

9,800 invitations mailed

5,000 door hangers

2,400 doughnut calories consumed by Interns Pastor Shawn Seeley (he ate 12 original glazed)

1,241 in attendance for Easter services, including 280 children

1,000 NWLife key chains (SWAG) given away

278 – Bubba Watson’s total score as he went on to win the Master’s in a playoff

200 calories per original glazed Krispy Kreme

143 – Section where I’ll be watching the Mariners home opener this Friday thanks to an Easter gift from a friend

125 volunteer hours of prep work

95 days Erin Bryan (whose story of healing was shared) spent in the hospital due to a rare disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome

51 free guest drinks prepared at the coffee bar

23 volunteers fed an Easter breakfast at 7:45 am (Thanks Gillian)

17 trips to the bathroom for our daughter Hailey who was battling the stomach flu

15 gallons of coffee served

11 band members/vocalists

10.5 – size of my new shoes that helped complete my Easter outfit

10 hours of lawn mowing

9 gallons of touch-up paint required to get the building ready

7 pieces of equipment our keyboardist uses to produce music on weekly basis

4 helium tanks

3 testimonies shared in each of our 3 live streaming services nwlifechurh.com/livestream

2 Krispy Kreme custard filled that fell victim to my appetite

1 risen Savior that “ended the system” and made this entire day worth celebrating


Did I miss any numbers? Please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Easter by the Numbers

  1. 864- number of times I smiled (approximately)
    63- amazing children’s ministry volunteers
    30- the size (in inches) of the ginormous chocolate bunnies we gave away in Kid’s Life
    6- parents who rolled their eyes and gave me quite the look when they found out their kid had won said bunny 🙂
    3- Grande non-fat no whip Mochas to get me through the day
    1- big hissy fit thrown by Tiger Woods during the Masters
    0- naps taken by my 1 year old which explains why she slept until 10am this morning

    It was a great day!!

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