Thank You

Every now and again, on a Monday, I’m reminded of just how fantastic my job really is.

This Monday was one of those days.

I spent the day with my kids, wife, and her sister at Chamber’s Bay in Tacoma. It’s one of my very favorite places to spend a day off. The weather was amazing. We had a great time playing and taking in the picturesque views of Puget Sound.

Then it dawned on me.

As I was unwinding after a long, busy, and productive Easter Sunday nearly everyone of the volunteers who helped and served right alongside me, were back at work.

Sometimes pastors have a bad habit of describing how taxing their job is. How no one could possibly understand how it feels to be them. Why the job of pastor is unique and more difficult than anyone could ever imagine.

Look, that may be true…

May be true…

Probably not though.

Being a pastor is not rocket science. It’s a job. A great job. Be thankful.

I’m willing to bet the lawyer, doctor, garbage man, teacher, or __________ would claim the same kind of unique stress that comes with their chosen profession.

One more thing for those whinny pastors… you don’t have to do it! Step aside. God will fill your slot.

Sorry, back to my original thought.

To all the volunteers that made Easter Sunday (and every Sunday) possible, thank you.

To the greeters, ushers, media techs, kid’s workers, vacuumers, hosts, coffee bar, parking crew, and any group I’m forgetting… We couldn’t do it without you.

Now, before you go getting a big head, let me clarify something.

I will always ask for volunteers to step up big.

What we’re doing (reaching people with the good news of Grace personified) is a matter of life and death. It has eternal consequences.

My dad has worked at Boeing for over 30 years now and I know for a fact he gets more excited writing and delivering the message of God’s Grace to kids on Sunday than he ever has attaching a wing to 737.

I know he’s not alone. Many of our volunteers feel the same way.

Again, this time more specifically, to the volunteers of NWLife Church, thank you. We love you. Thanks for making reaching our city a priority.

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