Agitation, Inspiration, Creation

I recently read a post by my pastor, Brian Dolleman, entitled “Blessed Are the Agitated” (it’s good, you should read it) and I was so relieved.

I had just returned from a church conference in Yakima, WA (Together East) and I was both inspired and well… agitated.

I was impressed by how Morning Star Church, led by Pastors Micahn and April Carter, was able to put on a conference that was both inspiring and challenging.

I was agitated because I saw a church full of people who were “all in” to make their conference a success. I wanted our church people to be like that.

Last week our church, NWLife, put on Together West, and again I left inspired and agitated. This time however it was for a completely different reason.

It was fun to watch our people rise to the challenge of trying something new and daring. Our NWLife had also risen to the challenge.

Volunteers put in countless hours to make Together West a reality.

The agitation came from Pastor Micahn who was constantly challenging me. Saying things like, “Plaid is out. Eddie Bauer is done. Time for a new wardrobe.”

Agitation leads to inspiration and eventually creation.

You know, out of the eight days I hung out with P. Micahn, I only wore a plaid shirt once.

I’m simply trying to say this: Let the things that agitate you inspire you to create something new.

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