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As I drove home Mother’s Day night my phone rang.

My wife was calling and since we’d gone in separate vehicles I assumed she was going to ask that I pick up a few grocery items on the way.

Her voice was flat and emotionless.

“Andy, I’ve been in an accident. I’m on 224th.”

That was it; she hung up.

That’s all I knew (and all I needed to know).

Without hesitation I pulled a quick u-turn and raced down the road towards my wife and kids.

As I sped through the dark rural roads adrenaline raced through my body.

Where exactly on 224th were they? Was anyone hurt? What was I about to see?

Three minutes later I got to the scene and saw a very unwelcoming sight.

Our black Suburban was on its side in a ditch tilted at about 30 degrees.

It wasn’t coming out on its own.

I went to the driver’s side window to check on Stacey and there she was calmly awaiting my arrival.

I opened the door to start getting our three kids out and because of the steep angle it kept closing on my legs.

A man who had stopped to help, held the door open as I retrieved the children and their car seats.

“Are you guys okay?” I asked once inside the cab.

Hailey (4) and Lincoln (1) sat quietly, seemingly stunned.

Andrea (6) was beginning to panic and tear up.

We quickly got them out and into the car I had driven over in.

After Stacey and our three kids were safely out of the vehicle the same guy who held the door helped me light road flares (which I didn’t even know I had) as we waited for police.

Statements were given, a tow truck was called and the street was hastily cleared of debris.

Basically the accident went like this:

As Stacey was driving home on a long straightaway, another driver rolled through a stop sign to turn left directly in front our Suburban.

With little time to react, Stacey decelerated and veered right. The other driver sped up to avoid the inevitable collision but it was too little too late.

Veering right and the impact of the collision sent Stacey and our kids on a short, bumpy ride into the right shoulder’s ditch.

After their ride had come to a complete stop Stacey looked back at them and asked, “Is everyone okay?”

Hailey smiling proudly replied, “Mom, I didn’t even cry.”

With everyone now safe and sound, if not a little startled I sent my family home.

I waited around for an hour for the tow company to arrive.

When I called to my parent’s home to ask for a ride who showed up and waited with me?

My mom.

That’s what I really want to highlight in the fender bender story.

Moms. In this case, two moms that saved the day for their children.

First Stacey:

I thought it was odd that she hadn’t moved when I arrived at the scene of the accident.

When I asked why she was still in the car, she said that she wanted to stay with our children and keep them as calm as possible.

Her heart was for her kids first.

Next my mom, Katie:

I can’t imagine she pictured her Mother’s Day ending sitting for an hour plus on a dark rural road waiting for a tow truck.

Yet because of her love for her kid, that’s exactly how her night ended.

I’m thankful the two most important moms in my life.

This was a Mother’s Day to remember.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Memory

  1. Wow. Just wow. I was in an accident very similar about 10 tears ago. I made the same call to my mom that Stacey made to you, but I was hysterical. Id only had my license about 2 months. Stacey is very brave & strong. I don’t know how calm I could have stayed if Noah was in the picture at that time. Moms are pretty amazing people. My mom was there for me before the police even got there. I’m glad Stacey & the kids are okay. 🙂

  2. that so sad but that good that everyone is safe and sound. that scread me when i saw the picture of you guys cars. what are you do with the cars now.

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