Adherence & Appearance

“It is finished!” is what Jesus cried as He hung on the cross. He wasn’t referring to his life when he made that statement.

He was actually informing all humanity (Jews & Gentiles) that the Law was completed, fulfilled and satisfied; He was letting us know that the Law was no longer a barrier between us and God.

For some strange reason though humanity seems to want to bring the law back and attempt to achieve relationship with God by jumping through religious rituals and performance hoops.

Our attempts to earn relationship with God through work and strain don’t work.

Strict adherence to the law at its absolute best can only produce a nice appearance. Grace works from the inside out. The law only works on the exterior of man. Grace initiates change from the inside.

All attempts to earn Godliness or righteousness through our own hard work will only make us appear Godly.

I used to play baseball with a guy named “Tom” (name changed to protect his feelings). Tom had all the latest gear when he showed up to the playing field. The most expensive batting gloves, the coolest cleats, and a glove that was made from a very important cow apparently.

The problem was Tom couldn’t hit, or catch, or throw very well. He was a poser. He looked the part of a baseball player but the person behind all the expensive equipment couldn’t really play ball.

As human beings we can only judge things from the outside. God judges by looking beyond all the decorations, vanity, and cool gear. He looks at the heart.

Grace changes us from the inside out. Grace brings real transformation.

Grace changes the person first. Over time the exterior things change, but Grace and God deal with heart issues.

In one encounter with Jesus a woman with an internal problem (she had a bleeding issue) was healed simply by touching Jesus.

Grace changes us from the inside out.

Don’t be a poser. Allow Jesus to change your heart.

Adherence = the right Appearance

Grace = real-life Transformation

Grace Changes Everything.

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