Friday’s Top 5

With #LIFT2012 in the rear view mirror, here are five great moments from camp.

5. Leadership Teaching

Our leadership sessions during the afternoons were fantastic. The lead pastors from both churches, Morning Star and NWLife, took time to invest in our students and leaders. The leadership sessions were honest, to the point, and fun. Our leaders and students are better because of times like these.

4. The Location

Silver Mountain Resort took great care of us while we were away. Hiking, biking, swimming, and so much more was available throughout the week for our students.

It’s always important to have fun at camp. The Silver Springs Water Park helped make that happen. During free time students swam, slid, and splashed throughout the expansive resort.

3. The Worship

The media and worship teams combined to help set the tone in our services. Great lighting and staging were brought in to create a concert like atmosphere. The worship team did a fantastic job of leading the way for students to engage in worship each night.

Our conference room was located directly above the resort’s main restaurant. At one point, a waitress from the resort asked if she could join us for a service because, “It sounds like you’re having so much fun upstairs.”

2. Family Reunions

There were two kinds of family reunions happening at Lift2012.

The first was a personal reunion for my family. My little brother Jeff flew up from California to attend camp and help lead a student room. It was great to see him and he loved being “home” with his family. I’m pretty sure his nieces and nephew were happy to see him as well.

The second was between two churches that have become family. It doesn’t feel like two separate churches doing camp together. It feels like one church from two different locations coming to together for camp. I love the comradery between students and leaders alike. We’re better together.

1. Welcome Home

The best part of camp every year is celebrating those who have “come home” to relationship with Jesus. This year 37 students became Christians for the first time / reaffirmed that commitment.

In addition, 18 students sensed a called to ministry.

Finally, a whopping 34 students were set free from past addictions, hurts and broken thought patterns.

Honestly, that’s why I love camp so much.

I get a front row seat to see how Jesus changes and restores people

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