Friday’s Top 5

By this time next week the NFL season will have begun.

The Seahawks first game is Sunday September 9th.

Here are five Seattle Seahawks predictions for the 2012-13 season.

5. Rookie starting QB Russell Wilson will be the NFC Offensive Rookie of the Year

I guess I’m a Pete Carroll believer. It’s amazing to have a rookie start at QB for your team, but it sure seems like Wilson is the right guy. I think we may have a star on our hands. Might be time to get his #3 jersey.

4. The entire Seahawks defensive backfield (Browner, Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor) will make the Pro Bowl

Last year three out of the four did. Is it a stretch to think that Richard Sherman will join them? This secondary is the key to a fantastic Seahawks D.

3. Sidney Rice will miss four games this season, but Edwards will emerge

It’s sad but true. Sidney Rice has not shown he can stay healthy. When he plays he’s a wonderful edition, but he’s fragile. Watch and see if the third overall pick from 2005, Braylon Edwards doesn’t emerge and have a productive year.

2. Linebacker KJ Wright becomes a Pro Bowler

He had an impressive year last year and this year could be even better. He’s 6’4″ and weighs in at 246 lbs. Which means he can do damage and make plays if he gets to right spots on the field. He’s another soon to be star on the Seattle Defense.

1. The Seahawks will finish 10-6 & win the NFC West

Not only that, but they will win their first round playoff game before losing on the road to the Packers. Last year the 49ers overachieved and their QB Alex Smith is bound to come back down to earth and be… well… Alex Smith.


What are your predictions?

Come on, be bold, leave a comment and make your predictions known.

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