JT’s NFL Predictions (Part 2)

Here is part two of my Uncle Jeff’s (JT) NFL prediction podcast.

In this edition we take our best guess at how the NFC will play out.

Feel free to submit your own predictions as well.

[haiku url=”http://andyjoneslive.com/audio/andyjoneslive8-30-12.mp3″ title=”JT’s NFL Predictions (Part 2)”]


Don’t just mock and laugh at us…

Put yourself out there and make your picks now!

3 thoughts on “JT’s NFL Predictions (Part 2)

  1. Before Listening, just so it’s fair

    NFC EAST: Cowboys
    NFC WEST: 49er’s
    NFC SOUTH: Falcons or maybe the Saints … no the Falcons
    WILDCARDS: Seahawks and the New York football Giants

    Packers beat the 49er’s to go to the Super Bowl

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