#LIFT2012 Stories

We’re halfway through #LIFT2012 and there are some great things happening.

Thought I’d update you with what’s going on here at Silver Mt. Resort in Kellogg, ID.

Here are a few cool stories:

-Two of our campers are celebrating their honeymoon with us. Yes, you read that correctly. Their honeymoon. They held a garage sale and sold car wash tickets to help pay for their belated honeymoon.

-One of our campers was a guest at NWLife on Sunday. She was visiting from Morning Star in Yakima. She mentioned she really wanted to go, but hadn’t made arrangements. I told her to contact her leaders and I would do the same. She ran up to me on the first day smiling from ear to ear, she made it on the bus.

-Not to be out done, one of our students this year came in Monday morning to drop off his sister. He looked sad and dejected. One of leaders asked why and he said it was because he really wanted to go, but wasn’t old enough. To his surprise (and his mom’s) he was, they raced home, packed his bag, and got him on the bus before it pulled out of the parking lot.

Services have been great so far. The venue is fantastic and we’re looking forward to sharing plenty more with you once we get home.

I feel very fortunate (blessed even) to be a part of what God is doing in our students and leaders lives this week at camp.

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