My “Duck It” List

I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of a “bucket list.”

You know, things you want to do before you kick the bucket?

People come up with a list of experiences, places, and activities they want to accomplish before their time here on earth is over.

My dad and I were talking about those lists recently and we thought it’d be interesting to compile a “duck it” list.

Things we’d like to “duck,” dodge, and avoid in our lifetime.

Below are 10 items on my “duck it” list, but I’d like you to participate as well.

Please comment with a few of your very own “duck it” list items.

Without any further ado (what is ado?) here is my list.

Ready, set, duck.

I will avoid…

  • …Being attacked by a wild animal. This includes but is not limited to: bears, mountain lions, moose, sharks, killer whales, or bunny rabbits.


  • …The pain of bankruptcy in real life or Monopoly (I may have to quit playing Monopoly).


  • …Attending a Seattle Sounders FC game… oops I mean match. The whole soccer thing just seems silly to me.


  • …Cheating on my wife. I have been given an incredible gift, Stacey is better than I deserve.


  • …Wearing a fanny pack. Do I even need to explain this one?


  • …Owning a minivan. Considering the current rate at which Stacey and I are reproducing this could prove to be very difficult.


  • …Getting stuck in my ways. It’s not that I won’t have standards. This is more of a mindset. I always want to be teachable and willing to try new things.


  • …Nude beaches. They seem like a good idea in theory, but I’m convinced the bad would out weigh (literally) any good that would come from visiting.


  • …Becoming stingy and selfish. I want to live a life of generosity no matter what the economy is doing.


  • …The comb over hairstyle. If it’s going, I won’t fight it. I’ll shave it.


Now it’s your turn.

What’s on your “Duck It” List?

7 thoughts on “My “Duck It” List

  1. Well, kale used to be on it … but let’s see, how about hot yoga, hair plugs (but if they invented a pill?) evenings of smooth jazz and cocktails, hunting where I’d actually have a chance at shooting something, a foreign film festival, wearing a beret and ever rooting for a team from Pittsburgh

  2. oh Andy, have you never driven a minivan? it’s an amazingly wonderful device! it’s open and spacious, you can move around in it, there’s storage and stowage space. it drives like a car instead of a truck, has a comfortable ride… man, as soon as i have some kids i’m getting one!

    …but not before then. because that’s just weird.

    • Stephen, indeed I have driven one. Truth is I really liked it. But some reason I can’t bring myself to own one. I feel like all fanny pack wearers drive minivans.

  3. Being trapped in a small room with thousands of frogs sounds pretty horrible.
    Also sinking in quicksand
    Suddenly finding out I’m allergic to coffee
    Being told I look like Renee Zellweger
    Having to actually cook dinner for my family
    and going on any sort of juice diet are also things I plan to avoid.

    • “Being told I look like Renee Zellweger” Ha! Love that one

      Also I’ve checked with numerous experts and coffee qualifies as a juice diet.

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