Happy 25th

It seems like an innocent enough decision doesn’t it?

My mom wanted to help provide a little extra for her family’s budget so she went back to work part-time as a preschool teacher.

After all, raising four children was going to be expensive and yet she was looking for something that allowed her to still be a mom.

25 years ago this week my mom began her first year as a preschool teacher.

She was the rookie.

A mother to four yes, but she was about to inherit a whole classroom full of preschoolers five days a week.

Her innocent, seemingly insignificant decision to go back to work part time had and still has a profound impact on our family.

Shortly after she began to teach at the preschool my dad started playing softball for the church team.

There was one rule: You and your family had to attend one service per week.

We did.

And we haven’t left since.

This preschool, this church, and most importantly God’s grace has radically changed our family.

Today my daughter Hailey begins her first day of five days a week preschool.

My prayer is that her life will be forever changed and positively impacted by God’s grace, this church and preschool as well.

Congrats Mom (Miss Katie) for making a BIG difference in little lives for the past 25 years…

…Here’s to 25 more.

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