Ode to a la Mode (Vote & Win)

I need to make good on a recent post.

A couple of weeks ago I ran this one and promised to give away ice cream to the winner.


Here you go, one more shot to win:

With summer winding down here in the Northwest today’s top five list is dedicated to one of my favorite food groups… ice cream.

Here is a current list of the 38 flavors of ice cream sold by Tillamook:

Banana Split
Carmel Butter Pecan
Carmel Toffee Crunch
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Coffee Almond Fudge
Cookie Dough
Cookies and Cream
Espresso Mocha
French Vanilla
Grandma’s Cake Batter
Marionberry Pie
Mountain Huckleberry
Old-Fashion Vanilla
Orange Sherbet*
Oregon Black Cherry
Oregon Strawberry
Peppermint Candy*
Rocky Road
Root Beer Float*
Sticky Bun
Strawberry Cheesecake
Sweet Centennial
Tillamook Mudslide
Udderly Chocolate
Udderly Peanutbutterly
Vanilla Bean
Wild Mountain Blackberry

*Seasonal Flavor

Here’s what I need from you.

Vote for your top five flavors.

I’ll compile the data and give away a half gallon to a person at random next Friday.


Because I’m a nice guy. (Hope you don’t live far away, cause shipping could be tricky).

So here we go, are you ready to participate?

Here are my top five:

5. French Vanilla

4. Rocky Road

3. Coffee Almond Fudge

2. Cookie Cough

1. Wild Mountain Blackberry

Your turn. Vote now for your chance to win.


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