Facing the Music

It’s time to own up and check out how I did with my MLB picks last spring.

Here is what I wrote on March 28, 2012 just as the baseball season began.

If I got it right I left it. If I missed it you’ll see the corrections.

AL WEST: Texas Rangers Oakland Athletics

AL CENTRAL: Detroit Tigers

AL EAST: Tampa Bay Rays New York Yankees

AL WILD CARDS: Los Angeles Angels & New York Yankees Texas Rangers & Baltimore Orioles

AL PENANT: Tigers over Rays


NL WEST: Arizona Diamondbacks San Francisco Giants

NL CENTRAL: Cincinnati Reds

NL EAST: Atlanta Braves Washington Nationals

NL WILD CARDS: Milwaukee Brewers & San Francisco Giants St. Louis Cardinals & Atlanta Braves

NL PENANT: Reds over Braves


WORLD SERIES: Reds over Tigers in seven games.


I got 6 out of 10 (three in each league) possible playoff teams correct.

That makes me a D- predictor.

If anyone has questions about their future please send them my way as I am now as qualified as any psychic service out there.

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