We’re a little over halfway through the NFL season and I wanted to come clean about my picks.

Here is what I predicted along with the current reality:

AFC North: Baltimore

Actual: Baltimore 7-2, 1st

AFC South: Tennessee

Actual: Houston 8-1, 1st (Tennessee 4-6, 3rd)

AFC East: Buffalo

Actual: New England 6-3, 1st (Buffalo 4-6, 2nd)

AFC West: Denver

Actual: Denver 6-3, 1st

Wildcard Teams: Houston & San Diego

Actual: Pittsburgh & Indianapolis (Houston is 1st in Division, San Diego 7th in Conference, one spot from playoffs)


NFC North: Green Bay

Actual: Chicago 7-2, 1st (Green Bay 6-3, 2nd)

NFC South: Carolina (bahahaha)

Actual: Atlanta 8-1, 1st (Carolina 2-7, Last)

NFC East: Philadelphia

Actual: New York 6-4, 1st (Philadelphia 3-6, 3rd)

NFC West: Seattle

Actual: San Fransisco 6-2-1, 1st (Seattle 6-4, 2nd)

Wildcard Teams: New Orleans & Detroit

Actual: Green Bay & Seattle (New Orleans 9th & Detroit 11th in Conference)


I hope you got a few laughs reading this mid-season report.

Needless to say, I won’t be quitting my day job and entering the sports media business.

Go Seahawks!

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