The Veteran Rookie

I remember the first time he ever showed up to our church.

He was dating a girl in our youth ministry and he came to church with her to appease her.

He was uninterested to say the least.

Attending church was what he “had” to do to keep his girl.

Time passed.

He went to war.

He was blown up in Iraq.

He died two different times while they transported him back to the states.

I remember the first time he showed up after war.

This time he was wheeled in by his family and friends.

Time passed.

I remember watching him get baptized.

He made a public declaration of how Jesus had changed his life.

He made a radical decision and went to Bible College.

I remember asking him to join me as we led our ministry students on mission trips.

He was crazy, just another ministry student on the trip.

Time passed.

I remember going to his wedding.

He married up.

I remember him taking over as the pastor of our school of ministry.

He’s in his second full year as the leader of NWLife College.

It’s taken many different peoples influence to get him to this place.

Now he is a major influence in the lives of 11 of our ministry students.

He’s a military veteran turned rookie pastor.

I’m proud to know him.

Thanks Shawn.

For your service to our country and now for your service in our church.

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