Top Toys

Here are five toys I vividly remember from my childhood:

5. My Pet Monster

Sure he looks scary, but he really just wants to be your friend. My brother Shaun had one growing up and he protected Shaun well through the years.

4. He-Man Action Figure

I loved He-Man. I watched the show, had all the action figures (even Skeletor’s Castle), and would role play fight scenes for hours.

3. Nintendo Entertainment System

This was the first gaming system I ever spent my own money on. Shaun and I saved for three years (or three months) to have enough money to purchase it. It came with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. This is an all-time favorite for sure.

2. Kermit the Frog

Kermit was given to me for my 2nd birthday. Though I don’t remember, I am told I danced around with him for an hour after opening him up… I still have him.

1. Alvin Davis Starting Lineup Action Figure

My all-time favorite toy is also my all-time favorite athlete. He played first base for the Seattle Mariners from 1984-1991 and earned the nickname, “Mr. Mariner.” Even though he’s not behind the plastic I still have this toy too.


I write about all this to illustrate the point that toys are a BIG DEAL to kids.

At NWLife our annual toy drive is an opportunity to help children and families that find themselves in a tough spot this holiday season.

Please bring some brand new toys for both boys and girls to NWLife on Sunday and throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The Great Big Toy Giveaway takes place on December 23rd following our 5 pm service.

Thanks for giving and Merry Christmas.

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