5 Memorable Playoff Moments

It’s “Blue Friday” here in the Pacific Northwest.

Which means we’re all fired up to watch the Seahawks playoff game this Sunday against the Redskins.

Here are five great moments in Seahawks playoff history.

Okay, four of them are great, one of them is kinda sad, but still memorable:

5. The Miami Miracle (the Seahawks last road playoff win)

4. Hasselback: “We’ll take the ball, and we’re gonna score.”

3. Romo Oh-No! – The video quality isn’t so great, but the feeling I get when I watch it is.

2. Beast Quake – I was lucky enough to be there to watch this play live. “Get off me!”

1. NFC Champs – Maybe the loudest the Seahawks crowd has ever been. This is one fans perspective as the Seahawks advanced to their only Super Bowl appearance.

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