#U13 By the Numbers

United, our annual winter camp at Suncadia Resort has come and gone.

It’s always one of the highlights in my year.

Here is a synopsis of #U13 by the numbers:

178 campers

11 inches of new snow

114 gallons of milk

1602 individual meals served

83 – age of the charter bus driver who drove us to Suncadia

10 – number of winter camps I’ve been able to lead as youth pastor

1170 ft of A/V cable

4 1/2 – number of chilli dogs consumed by a middle school boy

20 responses for a “Fresh Start” with God

45 lights pulsating on the light wall

37 responses to rededicate their lives to Christ

1888 total trip miles

22 students called into full-time ministry

2647 ft of vertical required to make the trip

33 – number of times my six year old went down the water slide

13 students ready to get baptized

4514 – number of Taco Time coupon books sold to raise funds

2 students maimed by ice balls (sorry parents)

0 – number of minutes anyone spent watch the NFL Pro Bowl

49 volunteers donating 3,528 total hours of service to make it #U13 possible

1 – God of Grace, who did the most important work

356 days until #U14

2 thoughts on “#U13 By the Numbers

  1. Thank you for leading so well. We love that our daughter is being influenced to understand God’s love. It’s so important. Great job team!

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