Best Slam Dunk

The NBA All-Star Weekend is here.

As a kid growing up wearing a Shawn Kemp jersey I really loved this weekend.

Especially the Slam Dunk Contest.

The “Reign Man” was my favorite competitor and yet he never won the title.

After watching I would always go outside and lower our adjustable hoop to its lowest setting and try to repeat what I had just seen on the TV.

Here is a look at five of the most memorable slam dunk competitions I can remember.

By the way, it is NOT a coincidence that three of the five on my list occurred while I was between six and 11 years-old.

5. 2003 Competition – Desmond Mason vs. Jason Richardson

4. 1986 Competition – Spud Webb defeats Dominique Wilkins

3. 1991 Competition – The “Reign Man” vs. Dee Brown

2. 2000 Competition – The Vince Carter Show

1. 1988 Competition – Michael Jordan’s Poster Dunk

So how’d I do?

Did I miss one?

Get the order wrong?

You tell me…

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