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Happy Valentines Day.

In addition to talking about our favorite romantic comedies of all-time DJ and I are talking about Momentum.

It’s great to have.

Important to use it.

And we get pretty desperate without it.

This podcast features a few of the things I’ve learned about momentum over the years.

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Hope it helps you. If it does, please share it with someone.

One last thing…

What are you favorite romantic comedies of all-time?

One thought on “Riding the Wave

  1. Somehow I missed this podcast… good one. I like what DJ said about needing to mix it up to sort of keep that momentum going.

    My top 5

    1. The Proposal: I absolutely love sandra bullock. She makes this #1.

    2. Sweet Home Alabama: always wished to have a life like that with all the country craziness and southern accents.

    3. The Wedding Planner: my mom was Matthew McConaughey’s flight attendant and we immediately went out and bought all of his films – fell in love with this one immediately.

    4. The Holiday: Certain parts of this movie I don’t totally care for but Kate Winslet’s story line is awesome and silly and the little british girls are adorable.

    5. Romancing the Stone: it’s an old one circa 1984 but I have good memories of watching this one with my dad.

    runner up to top five is My Life in Ruins – same actress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and it takes place in Rome and it’s fun, has a lot of history references ans is just an adventure.

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