Are You a Diva?

Are you a diva?

We all can be a little diva-ish sometimes, but it’s important not to be that way permanently.

DJ and I discuss humility and our diva tendencies on today’s podcast.

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One thought on “Are You a Diva?

  1. My top 5 if I was a celeb would be…

    5- high end car to drive to and from the event. (ferrari, benz AMG, bmw m5, bentley)

    4-In my room, I want beef jerky, half pops, and arnold palmer iced tea. I also would like either pizza, cheeseburger, or italian food for my main meal.

    3-Money for shopping (minimum $1,000)

    2-Round of golf at nice course nearby that I approve

    1-Attend a professional sporting event in the area. (NFL, NBA, MLB)

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