Why I Write

It’s a fun creative outlet – since I can’t play an instrument or sing, writing turns into my most creative outlet. One of my favorite classes in high school was Creative Writing. I try to live out what I learned in that class.

It forces me to feed – Writing flows from inspiration. Inspiration is often based on what you’re taking in from various media. What I read, listen to, watch and talk about serve as inspiration for writing new content.

It’s cheaper than therapy – writing allows me time to think through things and get them out of my head and onto paper (word document, sometimes online). Without writing I feel like it would all be bottled up and I don’t want to live that way.

I feel like I have something to say… and so do you – I suppose this is where I have to check the size of my ego. Okay, here goes nothing… I genuinely feel like people can benefit from reading what I write. Why? Because I have something to say and so do you. It comes from a core belief of mine that you can always learn something from anyone… even if it’s what NOT to do.

I use what I write to teach – It sounds funny but in a lot of ways I rip my own writing off when it comes to teaching. Sometimes I’ll go back through some recent notes and teach through something I wrote months or years earlier. I don’t think it’s plagiarism if you steal from yourself.

I’d be interested to hear back from you:

Why do you write?

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