Now is >

I often use the phrase, “This is one of my favorite verses…” when referring to a scripture I’m about to share with someone.

But this time I mean it.

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” (Ecclesiastes 11.4, NLT)

For real it’s one of my favorites.

I love it because it pushes me to take action.

NOW, not later.

It’s been said that, “There’s no time like the present.”

It’s true.

Now is greater than later.

Now > Then.

Now > Someday soon.

Now > When I feel like it.

Now > When everything lines up the way I think it will.

Now > If a few things go my way.

There will never be perfect conditions for what you’re dreaming about.

Before my wife and I had our first child I remember talking my mom about our plans and how we wanted our timing to be perfect.

She was patient and gracious in her response.

“Andy, you can make plans, but there will never be a perfect time.”

The point of all this is NOW is the perfect time to do that thing you’ve been waiting on.

Don’t keep spinning your wheels waiting for things to be just right.

The time is now.

Now is the best time to get ________ done.

What can you do NOW to make your dream a reality?

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