The Agitator

About a year ago my pastor, Brian Dolleman, wrote a great post entitled “Blessed Are the Agitated” (it’s good, you should read it) that really got me thinking.

Agitation occurs in our lives for many different reasons.

Sometimes it’s decisions we’ve made that come back to bite us.

Sometimes it’s someone or something standing in our way of a goal.

Still other times agitation comes in the form of a friend who really wants the best for us.

One such friend in my life is Pastor Micahn Carter.

I’ve been joking recently that if he were a super hero he would be called, “The Agitator.”

He has the unique ability to poke, pry and dig into areas of your life you weren’t necessarily ready for anyone to discuss publicly.

This is both unnerving and unsettling yet more often than not leads to positive change.

The formula goes something like this:

Agitation leads to inspiration and eventually creation.

But I’ll be the first to admit sometimes “frustration” is in there as well.

I need some good healthy agitation every once in a while.

I’m glad Micahn is one of those agitators because ultimately I know he has my best interest in mind.

If you don’t have an agitator in your life I suggest you start by asking someone you trust and who loves you for you.

Also, as leaders we can challenge people to think outside the box reconsider there previously held notions.

Without a little agitation every so often we can get stuck.

I’m simply trying to say this: Let the things that agitate you inspire you to create something new.

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