Grateful Now

Today’s post comes to you from Kentridge HS sophomore (soon to be Jr.) Josh McArthur.

Josh is a fantastic young leader. He serves at NWLife in many different areas.

He has a huge and growing following on both Twitter and Instagram.

I love how Josh gives his all to projects.

He has a bright future in leadership not only someday soon but NOW.


Grateful Now

Often times people my age find it hard to be grateful for their fathers. We’d rather wait till we move out or on with our lives to be reflective. Sometimes we wait for the moment when our dads pass away, but I think there is power in choosing to be grateful… NOW.

When we are grateful for the things in front of us it makes us appreciate things so much more. With all that being said I want to share five reasons I’m grateful for my dad… NOW.

1. His personality

One of the favorite things about my dad is that he loves to joke around. This is something that is easy to take for granted.

Sometimes it’s embarrassing & sometimes my friends and I have a good laugh after it rather then when it’s happening, but he chooses to keep his blissfulness.

2. His grace

I’m a teenager, so this trait is basically essential!

My dad shows his grace often, cause I give him many chances to show it.

From throwing the baseball over his head constantly during tosses and making him chase for it…

Cutting wooden floor panels into letters for a video shoot at 10:30 the night before…

Putting up with my driving and the cleanliness of my room.

I think I require a lot of grace.

Don’t we all?!

It goes unnoticed when we receive it but when we aren’t given grace we get upset. I think we need to recognize grace not when it isn’t given, but more so when it is (even in the slightest of ways).

3. His time

I’m grateful for time spent with my dad and the memories we’ve made. There is something special about just sitting down to watch Seinfeld or a dumb show like King of Queens.

I enjoy sharing those moments and laughs.

I love going on trips with my dad and watching him interact with my friends. I love throwing a Frisbee in front of the house or shooting some hoops together. When we spend time together we grow closer.

When we spend time with God and his word we’re only getting close to our heavenly father. We don’t have to wait for God to get home from work to spend time with him, which is awesome, but we do with our fathers. So, I encourage you to be grateful for the time your dad gives you.

4. His Vinyls

Okay. My dad has the raddest record player along with all of these sick old school records and it is just the coolest. There is no biblical tie-in for this, I just think they’re super awesome.

5. His Heart

I love my dad’s heart. His love. When he calls me his son or tells me he is proud of me.

About a month ago I made a video I was really proud of for our Together Conference. My teacher thought it was good and asked me to submit it to this video competition throughout our school district.

A couple weeks later I walked into class to a trophy and a medal and all that jazz. I told my mum and she told my dad.

The next day after school she showed me an email he had forwarded to her. It was a message to his boss and a couple co-workers with a link to the video. The content of the message had to do with how proud of a dad he was and how great he thought it was. His co-workers responded echoing the same thing.

I just think like, my dad didn’t have to do that – but he did. I’m so grateful for a dad with such a good heart.

Love you dad.

I’m grateful for you… NOW.

Happy Fathers Day!

3 thoughts on “Grateful Now

  1. Love this Josh! One of the greatest things is having your parents tell you they’re proud of you and there’s no doubt your dad is.

    And by the way- you’re Together Conf video was my fave!

  2. Well said Josh! I’m enjoying watching you seek after Christ and how God is using you to touch people’s lives.

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