One Thing I Know (Guest Post)

Today’s guest post comes all the way from the “Palm Springs of Washington” Yakima, WA.

April Carter, along with her husband Micahn, lead Morning Star Church in Yakima.

They are great leaders who are making their city better by building the dreams of people in their community.


One Thing I Know

I was shopping at a department store a few years ago with my sons.  We were looking through the toy aisles, when I realized my middle son, around 8yrs old, was no longer near me.

I looked aisle after aisle calling his name, but no answer.

My heart was sick at the thought of not being able to find him.  After several minutes I came down one aisle and there he was.  He was devastated and ran to me as fast as he could.

I know what it’s like to be lost….really lost.

For many years I lived life by my own rules and did things my way. I got pregnant when I was 16 years old and continued making poor choices all the time.  What seemed like out of nowhere, Jesus showed up in my life.

I, like my middle son, was wandering aimlessly and suddenly, He found me.

Within a couple weeks the Pastor of the church we were attending asked us to join him and his staff on a retreat.  Free hotel, food, and travel?!… We are in!

We got to the hotel and got together to talk about ministry. I didn’t even know what the word ministry meant.  The Pastor asked each person to explain why they would like to be on the youth staff.

I felt sick to my stomach….. I had no idea why I was even there.

Each staff member is sharing incredible reasons why they believe they should be involved in youth ministry.

Then it was my turn. I started crying.

I figured I might as well try to at least get the sympathy vote.  I looked up and said “I have no idea why I am here or what it means to be in youth ministry. All I know is I know what it’s like to be lost and NOW I know what it’s like to be found.”  The tears must have really worked because everyone was crying.

Without Jesus, I was completely lost, broken and without hope.

14 years later, I still don’t know everything.  I say and do things I’m not proud of, and often feel inadequate.

I’m learning new things everyday and doing my best to follow Jesus with everything in me.  I don’t have all the answers and am not a bible scholar, but I know one thing….. I am found.

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