Prioritize… Now

I am a “go with the flow” kinda guy.

I’m a people-pleaser by nature.

Thus, sitting down to write a post on priorities is challenging, if not completely ridiculous.

I do get things accomplished, but I often struggle in knowing which things to get done and by when.

There are certain areas I feel like I’ve figured out how to prioritize and I’d like to share a few of those with you now:

1. My Relationship w/ God

This relationship must always be first. God is not something I fit into my schedule among a list of other worthwhile items. Instead, he is the hub of my life wheel and everything else is built around Him.

If you’re looking to fit God into your schedule you’ll end up disappointed. He’s too big to cram into an hour-long window.

2. Family & Church

These end up together for a very important reason. Since I was raised in the church I watched as leaders pitted their families against the church and it never seemed to work.

When it’s family vs. church, one side loses no matter what choice you make.

Instead of making the choice between the two, Stacey and I have decided to choose both.

Our kids love the church. I never want my children to resent the church or feel like I am choosing students or people here over them.

I’m still actively dating… my wife. I keep pursuing her. I prioritize time for vacations, dates, and chill movie watching nights at home in an effort to build our marriage. Our marriage is a priority.

3. We Give

Giving 10% of our income is an automatic, literally. We setup an auto deposit from our checking so we tithe to the church right away. The only thing we’re left to think about is what we can give on top of that.

It’s been a little goal of ours to increase the percentage of our giving every single year of our marriage. We do this by planning, dreaming, and looking for opportunities to be generous.

I admit it, I am not the best when it comes to prioritizing my life, but that’s no excuse to keep flying by the seat of my pants.

Now is the best time to start prioritizing your life.

Prioritizing we lead to life and life to the full. Get started today.

Remember, God isn’t part of your life… He is your life.

Now is >

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