The Fight, The Rollerblader & Christian Rock

“Is it because you feel like you’re not getting the best part of me?” I asked hoping it would break the silence and ease the tension.

A tear streamed down my wife’s face and she nodded without a sound.


The night didn’t seem right.

We weren’t connecting.

What should have been a fun night out in the city while the kids were being watched was quite the opposite.

At dinner we sat awkwardly across from one another struggling to keep conversation flowing.

I couldn’t think of anything to say.

I was frustrated.

She was upset.

As we rode quietly home to get our kids that’s when it hit me.

I’m not sure why exactly.

Stacey is not what I’d call a “high maintenance” kind of lady.

I tease her about it, but that doesn’t make it true.

As I broke the silence with, “Is it because you feel like you’re not getting the best part of me?” I knew I had tapped into the main issue.

She didn’t even have to nod her head.

She was right for feeling that way.

I love my family. More than they could possibly know.

Yet for some reason I was giving them my leftovers.

Whether it was drive or distraction, they weren’t getting my best.

At dusk we pulled into a park near my parents’ house to continue our discussion and my apology and that’s when it happened.

A late model Lexus pulled in with tinted windows and a blaring sound system.

Moments later the sound system started doing its work.

Christian rock began emanating from opening windows, doors and the trunk.

Our once private parking lot was now shared, no, dominated by a younger couple and their thumping music.

We continued to talk as well as keep an eye out for what was about to transpire next to us.

As I was talking I couldn’t help but notice Stacey was becoming increasingly distracted.

Her eyes were wandering, a smirk appeared on her face.

I wasn’t trying to be funny, but seeing as this night had become a nightmare I took it as a positive.

Then I saw it.

This couple looked as though they may have been on a first date.

Not just any first date mind you.

A first date that included Christian Rock n’ Roll and rollerblading at dusk in a suburban park.

We gave up talking and went into full on ‘creeper’ mode.

We watched as the guy sped by on his rollerblades. He jumped, spun, and performed scales (much like you’d see when watching an Olympic competitor).

His date seemed impressed yet she couldn’t skate in tandem.

It looked like she’d never been on skates before.

She wobbled out of the car as he raced by singing the lyrics to a DC Talk song.

He beamed with excitement and encouraged her to join him.

She pushed off from the car and out into the empty parking lot.

Just as she was about to topple over he swooped in and grabbed her by the hand.

He held her up and patiently taught her to skate.

Stacey and I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling about this whole scene.

This first date was an inspiration and reminder for me.

I wanted to be like the rollerblading guy.

He was putting his best on display for his lady, yet was sensitive enough to slow down and stop if necessary to tend to her needs.

My wife and kids deserve the best I have to offer, not just my leftovers.

When it came to working on and building my marriage and family I had to make a new decision… NOW.

I couldn’t wait. My wife, my kids and our marriage needed me to engage right away.

Yep, I was inspired and my marriage was made better because of The Fight, The Rollerblader, and Christian Rock.

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