A Judgment Call

I love snap judgments.

Well, wait, let me try that again.

I love snap judgments when I’m the judge.

I feel like I’m pretty good at it.

Stereotypes, life experience, watching football games, and comedians have taught me how to be a great “snap judge.”

As for being the one being judged.

No thanks.

Nobody likes to be the subject of the snap judgment.

I don’t want people judging me especially if they don’t have all the facts.

Yet this rarely deters me from my snap judgment binges.

Judging people can be addictive.

It makes me feel better.

I push others down to raise my own ego.

My ego is hungry and judging others satisfies.

The problem is all this leads to a jaded and depressing view of life and people.

Judgment is an easy way out compared to love.

I’m not talking about loving people who love you back.

I’m talking about loving people no matter what.

People who are harsh, mean, nasty, conceited, and downright don’t “deserve it.”

This kind of love takes courage.

This is the type of love Jesus modeled for us.

The Bible reminds that while we were still sinning (especially unlovable) Jesus died for us.

God isn’t asking me to die for anyone.

He’s also not asking me to judge anybody.

He’s simply called me to love.

This knowledge allows me to lay down my gavel.

On those days when I feel particularly “judgy” I try to remind myself of this:

“I will never lock eyes with someone who Jesus DIDN’T die for.”

I know that’s a double negative. So allow me to rephrase.

“Every person I ever lock eyes with is a person Jesus died for.”

While judging others is a constant temptation the cure is within my reach.


I don’t have all the facts.

I’m not called to judge, I’m called to love.

I judge less when I love more.

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