Valentines Day & Momemtum

Happy Valentines Day.

In addition to talking about our favorite romantic comedies of all-time DJ and I are talking about Momentum.

It’s great to have.

Important to use it.

And we get pretty desperate without it.

This podcast features a few of the things I’ve learned about momentum over the years.

Hope it helps you. If it does, please share it with someone.

One last thing…

What are you favorite romantic comedies of all-time?

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day & Momemtum

  1. “The Philadelphia Story”, Kate Hepburn, Jimmie Stuart and Cary Grant–look it up.
    How can we miss “Princess Bride”?
    “Much Ado About Nothing”, with Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branaugh

    And DJ–thanks for making me feel old and not know who Meg Ryan is…

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