Lincoln “The Destroyer” Jones

Happy 3rd birthday to my son Lincoln. Here is a re-post from a year and a half ago to help celebrate his birthday.

Our 18-month-old son has a nickname.

We call him, affectionately of course, “The Destroyer.”

He is “The Destroyer” in every sense of the word.

If he wants a ball, nothing will stand in his way. He must have the ball and all other vases, picture frames, and plants must deal with the consequences.

My wife recently sent me the photo from above in a text message with the caption, “The Destroyer Strikes Again.”








Overall, it’s funny, cute, if not a tad destructive, we’ve only lost one glass bowl.

Unfortunately, many people go though life like my son when it comes to relationships.

They simply can’t help themselves. They are grown-up versions of the destroyer.

Lincoln is the destroyer because he is:

Reckless – with little body control he tears down without even realizing it

Inconsiderate – Lincoln fails to think through how much time and effort it takes to set up and clean up after he has moved through an area

Self-Centered – Lincoln is only concerned with his needs (a ball, some crackers, etc) failing to realize the impact or scope of his destruction

When it comes to relating with people how often could you be described as reckless, inconsiderate, and self-centered?

God has a different idea of how His followers should be described.

Jesus said we are blessed when we are “Bridge Builders” not bridge burning destroyers.

Blessed are the bridge-builders in a war-torn world, for they are God’s children working in the family business. (Matthew 5.9, Paraphrase)

Life is better when you’re around bridge building people. People who are purposefully attempting to connect and make friendships work.

Bridge Builders are:

Intentional – looking for ways to connect with people and making a pointed effort to meet people the specific needs of others

Thoughtful / Careful – Destroyers tend to run over others without even thinking about it, building bridges requires thought and care

Others Oriented – Builders put others first and look for ways to serve people. Burners / destroyers make sure their needs are met regardless of others







When you show up are people happy or stressed?

Don’t be “The Destroyer” like my 18-month-old son Lincoln.

Be a builder of people and relationships.

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