All About the One

A few years ago I received a call from a mom who was very concerned about her wayward son. She went on to describe how his grades were dropping, he was isolating himself, and how he wanted nothing to do with God or His church.

The mom kept saying things like, “I know you’re busy, you’ve got lots of other students to worry about.”

“When you get a chance, if you have a moment…”

“If your schedule clears up maybe you could just give him a call…”

After hearing her apologize for taking up my time again I finally had to stop her and say, “Thanks for being concerned about my schedule, I appreciate it. However, I want you to know, He’s all about the one.

I went on to let her know that God is cares about all his kids, not just the ones who are doing good things.

She thanked me, I prayed for her and I soon made contact with her prodigal.

Every time I read Luke 15 I’m reminded of that phone call. This chapter contains three short stories Jesus tells to help us understand the heart of our Heavenly Father. They’re all about lost things that must be found: a sheep, a coin, and a son.

What’s interesting is the level of risk the characters in the stories are willing to take in order to find what’s lost.

The shepherd leaves his 99 found sheep in order to find the one.

The woman pays no attention to the nine coins she has, instead, she’s consumed with finding the one that’s missing.

The father of the lost son sees him coming home from “a long way off” and runs to him. This indicates that the father was looking for his lost son from the first day he left town.

Why do the characters act this way? What is Jesus telling us through these stories?

I believe it’s the simple truth that our Dad in Heaven is all about the one.

When the lost sheep, coin, and son are found a party is thrown. Why?

Again, our God is all about the one.


As far as I know the mother’s lost son has not reconnected with God or His church… yet. I’m encouraged to know that I serve a God who is still constantly searching for him and so many others who are distant.

He’s all about the one.

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