12 Days of Great Posts

As we continue to get closer to Christmas here is another one of my favorite posts from 2014.

This one is from Brent Colby. He is a funny guy who writes about leadership, life and occasionally his wonderful family.

You can read Brent’s writing right here on his website.

I loved this post of his for so many reasons.

It’s something we don’t write or talk much about… Others! And celebrating their victories. I love it and I’m sure you will too.


Three Reasons to Celebrate With Others

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Its important to celebrate the wins of others. It teaches us three key things that are important for our own growth and the growth of our teams. Last week, a student at Bryan College was challenged to make four shots on the basketball court. Each basket increased in difficulty and ranged from a simple layup to a half court shot. One after the other, the shots fell and Gustavo Angel Tamayo received $10,000 in tuition.


It was an amazing accomplishment but the response from his peers was more amazing. Be sure to check out the video.

It is important to celebrate the wins of others.

This type of activity is healthy for many reasons but let me highlight three:

1. It keeps you humble.

It is a reminder that other people do great work too. For a moment, we are able to displace ourselves form the center of the universe and consider the significance of others. Seeing other people is a fundamental phase of psychosocial development that young children experience. Many adults, however, stop developing this skill when it longer seems beneficial. The better you understand people, but more effectively you can maneuver through society. Humility is a key part of that.

2. You develop a deeper sense of empathy.

This type of understanding develops empathy: to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a critical part of relating to, and connecting with, others. Without these types of connections we can’t predict the needs and desires of others. We cannot not help, support, or develop other people without empathy. But with a healthy sense of other’s feelings we can see through their eyes and understand them more completely.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

3. It shapes your own identity.

Finally, our own identity becomes prominent when we learn how to celebrate the wins of others. It is another side effect of empathy. The ability to differentiate between yourself and others highlights your own value and means of contribution. It helps you discover your gifts and calling in life. You are more confident, more secure, and better adjusted in difficult situations.

There are many reasons to celebrate with others. But consider how these three will help you grow and help grow the effectiveness of your teams.


Thanks for the reminder Brent. I celebrate the birth of your child and second son Owen! You inspire me. Thanks for being a great example for me and many others to follow.


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